Preparing for the upcoming birth of baby Nobel <3

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Someone should get Chesire Cat a controller too so he can join in on the family video games fun!

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She even decided to tell Ribbon to get ready, because she was going to be an aunty! Ribbon is so excited and she knows she will spoil the hell out of that kid

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Ribbon had a horrible day at school, so Artemis did her best to try and cheer up her sister-in-law <3

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With a baby on the way, Trifle decided to pull himself together and get a job. He now works at the hospital

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Dear Mimosa

I think you’re really smoking and I am so happy to be your girlfriend. 

Love from Ribbon

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i hate the summertime because flies always come into our house from outside GO AWAY u don’t belong here u belong out there 


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So… This happened when I showed Mags a picture of Benji. 

Benji, I’m sorry not sorry for the little odd lady I am sending your way. Take care of my baby Roe!

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Magnolia Monroe for Benji’s BC by the amazing Berrybobs!

Hair: Newsea Matcha | Eyebrows | Eyelashes | Lipstick (cotton candy) | Blush #8 | Pants | Shoes | Formal Dress (Set 7) | Mini Slider pack

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