Nobel Generation 8 Heir/heiress
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And I am off. Going to be hiding in my sims 3 game until I myself can get my hands on sims 4

I’ll try and get a queue running but then I won’t be around until the 4th :) BYE! Enjoy the game everbody who got it now!

They are beautiful. Thank you Aero. Though a honeymoon would have been better

I had to send them home after this as it started raining >.<

Listen babe, I know you haven’t been feeling so well so I got you something…

Is it a honeymoon?

No not exactly. But I still hope they can brighten up your day a bit just like you always brighten up my days

Wha is that? Peri come check this out!

… Naaaah. I think I’m gonna go sit down somewhere

Since Peri hadn’t been feeling so well, Aero thought that some air might be a good idea. They went down to hang out at Peppermint Pier

This is why I don’t clean

What? Peri, that’s ridicolous. I doubt you can feel that sick from picking up dirty laundry

if it’s not that then what is it?

… *Shrug*

Passionate gamers <3

The toys might be meant for their future kids but Peri thought it was sad nobody played with them and decided to do something about it. This is her favorite thing to do

Bow chica wow wow

The way that they look at each other ;___;