Out of curiosity, how many people here are still waiting for their Sims 4 CAS demo invite? Please reblog, favourite, or respond. 


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Still no demo :( 

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I love my new lightning mod *_*

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I’m sorry I accidentally blinded you with my camera

Oh that’s alright, don’t worry about it

I still feel bad so here


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Ahh my eyes!

Poppy, I can’t see!

Now how does this picture look…

Poppy! Where are you? 

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Poppy wanted proof that they had hung out but apparently she’s a noob at taking selfies with friends

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Lol if Poppy and Orchid get together they could be Orppy :D

ASKED BY Anonymous.

Omg Orppy xD Or Popchid ;) And all their babies must have flower names just because >:D

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It was pretty late but Poppy had agreed to go meet up with her crush, the beautiful Orchid Dream Torte by Jehusethemoose

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98% of my dash has the demo and I’m sat here like the kid who got picked last on sports day.


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I went to the prom to, but I went on my own. I did happen to meet someone there though. She’s so beautiful and- 
oh uhm nothing! We good here? Done with this video? Yeah? Awesome!

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