Everbloom Gen 1 Heir!
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Day 16 - Naptime

"Momma," Aerin hadn’t even heard her daughter come in before the sweet angel voice spoke to her. "Can’t sleep." A smile crossed Aerin’s face as she moved towards her daughter to pick her up.

"Would it help if you had your nap in here with me on the big bed?" She asked snuggling her daughter close. Penelope nodded a little, her eyes heavy but her mind stubborn on wanting to have her nap with her mom. "Alright Cupcake, just this once," and with that said Aerin walked towards the bed laying both her daughter and herself down. Penelope cuddled in close to her mom and quickly she could no longer hold herself awake : the little girl slipped away in to a world of dreams while staying safe in her mothers arms in reality.

There! I finally finished them all after having had the last couple of days just waiting to be edited :)

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